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Welcome to The Joyful Fashionsita!

A photo of Serina Bird, founder of The Joyful Fashionista

Hi, my name is Serina Bird. I love fashion. My mum was a fashion designer, and I grew up around clothes. I’m an imperfect, curvy 40s something mum of two boys and none of that has diminished my love of clothing.

I’m also deeply passionate about sustainability, and the rise of fast-fashion and over consumption of women’s fashion concerns me deeply. I’m author of The Joyful Frugalista and host of The Joyful Frugalista podcast, and I am committed to helping people save money – and the planet.

The idea for The Joyful Fashioninsta was born after one of my clothes swaps. As I stared at the piles and piles of amazing women’s clothing that was left behind, I thought “there must be another way”. Sure, there’s other ways to sell online clothes but for women who are more than a size 8 it can be pretty depressing.

The Joyful Fashionista is about women with style who love good clothes – on a budget. It is a community that embraces the beauty of every woman no matter her age, height or size. There is something here for everyone – it’s kind of like a giant online op shop where you never know what you will find!

Let’s go shopping, Joyful Fashionistas!

P.S. You will notice that this site is under construction. It is a work in progress. For now, connect via The Joyful Fashionista Facebook Group.